• preschooler:let's play Frozen!
  • preschooler:I want to be Anna, Max can be Kristoff
  • me:okay, who should I be?
  • preschooler:you can be Prince Hans because I don't like either of you

10 Things I Hate About You,direct by Gil Junger. 1999.
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1963 - Walt Disney in a sombrero. You’re welcome. 


The Grapes of Wrath, by John Steinbeck. 1939.

Today is the 75th birthday of Grapes of Wrath! Happy birthday to a classic, from Shit Rough Drafts.
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Dont even try to deny the fact that this was the best kitchen in the entire world and still is.


Kiernan Shipka riding a bike in Louboutins, YSL, and Tiffany jewelry for the greatest magazine in the world. In the interview, she talks about how she wants to be best friends with me. (Not in so many words, but it’s implied.)
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